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The first nail in a few thousand years before Christ was built about 3,000 years ago in the Middle East, the iron nails used in construction was paid to. The nails were handmade and very valuable to the extent that the recovery of the nails, wooden houses burnt. Mankind has struggled to find a good substitute for nails, but not simpler and more effective way to connect two pieces of wood together to find. Nailing the world today, more than one million tons per year. Along with increased production and consumption, enhancing the quality and strength of nails and accelerating the hitting is very important. Increased wages and rising costs of production in the late 1950s caused the construction of automatic hammer (peg) provides that this brought new developments in the nail industry. In recent years the use of immobilized growing rapidly and automatically in the metal industry Mazand proud, As the first and only manufacturer of comb and braid their spikes are fired with automatic wind Mykhkvbhay description.

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